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The line between advertising and marketing has become increasingly blurred, and branded content is everyone’s business. Content for link building has long been a staple of search strategies, but how does it fit into the bigger picture of marketing now? Vicke has been researching ways in which content can play a more direct role in adding value to a business beyond SEO gain. Putting linkbait aside, she will be offering insights into what it takes to make content that serves both a brand and those it wishes to convert.

With over five years in the digital marketing space at Distilled, Vicke Cheung has established herself as a core part of the team in leading the design and production of creative content. With clients ranging from established brands, such as Staples and Gocompare, to tech-startups, such as Podio and JustPark, Vicke’s work at Distilled has featured in a whole host of top-tier publications including Time Magazine, The Guardian and Huffington Post to name a few, and has also been recognised in the shortlist of several Information is Beautiful awards over the years.

Distilled is an award-winning online marketing agency that believes in sharing knowledge through its SearchLove industry-leading conferences and interactive training resources. With offices in London, New York, and Seattle, the team works to build exceptional online businesses. They’ve also launched DistilledODN, a cutting-edge SEO split-testing platform, helping businesses discover which changes result in an uplift to search traffic.