Hello to all Speakers! 

We hope that you’ve hade a great summer vacation and are really eager to speak at the IIF2020 digital marketing conference LIVE on september 30!

If you have a chance in the next 2 weeks, please send in a 30 sec video greeting that you will be speaking at the IIF2020 conference. This is only if you have time to do this… A short video would be great for marketing both for your brand and for us. We would spread this all over FB, Instagram and LinkedIn… 🙂

Video examples from other years…
  1. We will use vMix Call do get you into the online LIVE production
  2. You will need – Mac or PC from 2009 or higher
  3. If you have a PC, then – Windows 10
  4. Browser – Google Chrome 56 or higher
  5. HD USB Webcam or or a built in webcam in a recent laptop
  6. Headset + Mic combo or Earphones + USB Microphone
  7. Make sure your computer has a stable and high performance connection with the internet
  8. Make sure the cam is close to eye height.
  9. You will receive a link where you log in with your name
  10. Make sure you in approx 15 minutes before your talk
  11. We will see you as a source in our mixer and we will control your audio
  12. To communicate with us you can use the built in chat
  13. If you have slides to show, you can either run them yourself if there is an online platform we can see it in. Both Power Point and Keynote has a built in “online slideshow functionality” that works well
  14. We will need the link to the slide show at least 15 minutes before your talk to make sure it looks and works good
  15. If you want us to control the slides, we can do that. You will see the slides in your program windows and you will have to ask us for the next slide. Let us know…
It is a good idea to test that everything works fine at least one or two days before the conference.
Contact me to organize a test!
In April Sweden was hit hard by the Covid-19 virus and we were not ready and could note do a LIVE broadcast… so each and every speaker sent in a pre-recorded video instead.
This is what it looked like – https://internetifokus.se/online-konferens
So… if anything should happen and you are not able to be online on the 30 of september, then please send in a pre-recorded video of your talk. So we can broadcast it LIVE instead. But we hope that all is well and that everyone will be able to be online during the conference. 🙂
PS! Not everyone needs slides… if your only wish to talk 30 minutes without slides (like a TED talk) then that is also ok… but then you might think of a nice setup in full screen…
Best Regards