“The last 6 months has turned everything upside down. Well, not everything. We always knew the time would come when digital sales would take the place it deserves. Listen to Oliver and find out how to target your messaging and why it matters when communicating with digital prospects… Find your audience and understand what makes them tick… In this talk Oliver will lead you through how to use Content Marketing for Sales Reps and also show you which tools you need to succeed selling in a digital world.”

Oliver’s company StructSales now leads clients to successful transformation while optimising their sales. He connects sales and marketing so they function as a modern unit and establishes a well rounded sales department focused on value-based selling.

Oliver leads KEYNOTES, WORKSHOPS, COACHING and a MASTERMIND group. For the last 10 years he’s been reinventing the way sales and marketing are being done in large corporations of his clients and now he brings it to audiences beyond consulting.