An Aussie, mixed with Spanish and Argentinian blood and a resident of Malmö for the last 19 years. Lisa has worked in the retail/marketing/airport/commercial real estate and the hospitality sector over the last 25 years on  an international level with a focus on concept and strategy development, leadership training, customer focus strategies and how to work in the 21st Century with the main essence of mankind – humanising what we do and getting the best out of it! Today she is the newly appointed International Director of Totem Branding for Scandinavia with the intention of creating new business partnerships in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The starting place is however her local hub of Malmö. 


Lisa is also an active social entrepreneur and sits on the board of Business and Professional Women’s Network for both the Malmö organisation and  BPW Sweden with a focus on lifting and working actively with women’s rights in the areas of equality, gender empowerment, sustainability in the workplace, economic competence, well being and career competence.