Online – Digital Marketing Conference

On September 30, we will again gather the smartest industry leaders in Europe to share their latest insights on social media strategies, search, digital trends and online business development.

Call for speakers!

Do you have a great business story to tell and want to inspire others with your knowledge? There is no deadline for submitting a proposal because we are constantly adding speakers, but the earlier you submit, the better. You are welcome to suggest one or more topics. Proposals are welcomed by marketers of major brands or agencies who want to share and exchange experience on the latest strategies, methods and tools in the digital marketing industry.
We love talks that have a unique point of view. If you have already held your suggested talk elsewhere, we appreciate you refreshing the content to suit our audience. The talk is about 30 minutes, including a short Q&A. You can contact us directly by e-mail ( info@internetifokus.se ) of by filling out the form below.