Gavin Laugenie – dotmailer

Gavin is an expert in the email marketing industry with over 10 years’ experience. After a stint in New York to setup dotmailer’s customer success division, Gavin is now back in the UK working with brands to solve complex marketing and technology problems. Leading the problem-solving charge, helping to connect the dots between the needs, wants and desires of the customer and their marketing goals.

He has worked closely with organizations in both the B2B and B2C sectors with experience in the travel, financial and retails sectors in both the UK and US, helping clients to build their email marketing programmes to drive increased customer lifetime value, loyalty and ultimately return on investment. Gavin is often sharing latest trends and discussing key industry topics through various means including public speaking and blogging.

Conference talk: Hitting the Mark 2018 – Inspiration from 100 Global Retail Brands

In this golden age of data driven marketing – can you afford to be left behind? Hitting the Mark highlights not only the emerging trends in email marketing but also clearly demonstrates that many marketers still struggle with the basics. Through practical examples from well-known brands Gavin explores the changes in consumer’s attitudes towards marking communications, the changes in technology and whether or not batch and blast is dead. This session is aimed at marketers who lack budget, have limited resources and have an imperfect martech stack. You will leave feeling inspired that you’re not in a dissimilar position to your competitors, but with the right adjustments, you can beat them!

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