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The life of a digital & visual marketer – as it should be!

Jonathan Low a Danish serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and former “Entrepreneur of the Year”. For 20 years he has been starting companies; working with digital marketing and writing bestselling books about authenticity in communication, marketing and leadership.

In this though-provoking and down-to-earth keynote Jonathan Low will talk about the importance of authenticity in digital marketing – beginning with why he decided to start his latest company – JumpStory – a startup with customers in +80 countries and with a clear mission to beat the current industry giants Shutterstock, Adobe & Getty Images.

Jonathan Low will explain about the life of a digital marketer – before and after JumpStory. According to Low, we’re currently trapped in a reality, where stock photos and videos are artificial-looking; cliché and boring. On top of this, the typical marketer has to spend hours searching for these images on a number of platforms – yet even after having invested all of this time still risking choosing the photos based on gut-feelings rather than data and research.

All of this is about to change! In the future reality for digital marketers, everything will be every different:

  • No more time will be wasted browsing on boring stock-photo platforms. All visual content will be included directly in our favorite marketing tools and platforms
  • No more guessing what to search for. Our texts and written content will automatically be matched with relevant photos in seconds
  • No more money wasted on picking the wrong visuals. AI will help us identify and predict which images will actually have an impact on our audience
  • No more artificial photos in marketing. AI will help filter away the “stock in the past”-photos and instead present us with photos and videos that look authentic and therefore work.

So welcome to the life of a digital marketer – as it should be!


Jonathan Low – born in Aarhus in 1978 – is an award-winning, serial entrepreneur from Denmark. He has been named Entrepreneur of the Year, is the founder of 3 international tech-companies, has written two #1 bestsellers and also has a background as a national champion and professional athlete in the sport of badminton. He is the co-founder of JumpStory – A Scandinavian startup trying to “reinvent visuals” with users in more than 80 countries and backed by heavy investors including the former CEO of Microsoft.

JumpStory reinvents the photo & video industry and lets Marketers everywhere access the world’s best visuals in one click. You will love the life of a marketer – after JumpStory:

No time wasted browsing on boring stock-photo platforms. JumpStory is directly integrated into all your favourite marketing tools.

No more guessing which keywords to use. JumpStory’s AI automatically matches your content with relevant visuals in seconds.

No money wasted on bad decisions. JumpStory’s AI identifies which visuals will have the most impact.