Birgit Zuurveld - Dorst & Lesser

What could be more fun than being able to fully manage the company I have been working for for years? Nothing. With clear objectives, a lot of responsibility with an ambitious team, involvement of every employee in what we do and my personal involvement in the strategies of our customers, I work on the (international) growth of Dorst & Lesser.

Brands want to tell their brand story via social media. They want to reach, engage and ultimately influence the target group to choose their brand. Brands do this all together, so that the consumer is bombarded with a large amount of content. At Dorst & Lesser, we help brands to be successful on social media despite this large amount of content, because we always think from the consumer point of view. Because why does your brand deserve a place among the holiday photos of your friends? We work precisely on that playing field, based on data, proven by data and in the meantime with great pleasure. Because let’s just keep it a little fun, right?