Martin Sønderbæk kicked off his career within Facebook Marketing when he was hired as an Ads Specialist by Facebook. While working there, he helped more than 200 companies to implement, develop and optimize Facebook advertising strategies.

In 2015, Martin founded We Are Humans – a Facebook advertising agency who helps businesses get the most from Facebook advertising. One of the priorities for We Are Humans is to create different segments and audiences and craft the campaign message to each segment – all with the goal of being as personal and relevant as possible.

In his presentation, Martin will talk about how to create and use retargeting audiences on Facebook. As he puts it: ”This is where the money is”.

Retargeting on Facebook has developed into a new era within the past few years. Going from website retargeting – to dynamic retargeting – to creating audiences from people who interact with posts, people who open a lead ad or people who like an image on Instagram. But now it’s all about being as personal and relevant as possible. How do YOU get the most out of all the possibilities you have within Facebook? Join the presentation and find out!